Yoga, I never thought It would be that hard

P90X Yoga, piece of cake right?  For anyone that things yoga is easy, I have news for you.  The first few times you do it, it kinda feels like a cross between being a wishbone after a thanksgiving dinner, and this:

Yeah, that’s right, a full on straight legged kick to the junk.  Yoga is a 90 minute routine.  The first hour is just absolutely brutal.  Here is  the the complete routine with my notes on each:

Moving Asanas: Every Asana begins with Chaturanga, Upward Dog and Downward Dog.

  1. Runner’s Pose – At this point I cant get my leg up from the Downward Dog pose straight into this position.  I need to help move my foot up with my hand.
  2. Crescent Pose
  3. Warrior One
  4. Warrior Two – Front leg kept getting a spasm and I wanted to bend my knee at this point.  I am already starting to get fatigued.
  5. Reverse Warrior
  6. Triangle Pose
  7. Twisting Triangle
  8. Chair to Twisting Chair (Prayer Twist) – I like this pose.  This one was some relief in the middle of pure torture.  At this point I know I am going to pay for the breather in the upcoming pose.
  9. Right-Angle Pose to Extended Right-Angle Pose & Grab – This almost put me into the hospital in traction.
  10. Prayer twist from Runner’s Pose to Side Arm Balance
  11. Warrior Three to Standing Splits – My nuts detached from my body and went to hiding under the couch.
  12. Half Moon to Twisting Half Moon – I did the best I could, but I was sweating buckets at this point.  I thought I might pass out.

Balance Postures: I have none.  None whatsoever.

  1. Tree
  2. Royal Dancer
  3. Standing Leg Extension

Floor Work: This is actually my favorite part of the routine.

  1. Crane (Pre-Handstand) – I did it!! I really did it!
  2. Seated Spinal Stretch
  3. Cat Stretch – This was very nice.  I’m feeling renewed and relaxed.
  4. Frog
  5. Bridge or Wheel – Forget the Wheel, but the bridge was manageable.
  6. Plough into Shoulder Stand with Leg Variations into Plough
  7. Table – OK, This was a bit of trouble, but I did the best I could.
  8. Cobbler Pose
  9. One-Legged Hamstring Stretch into Two-Legged Hamstring Stretch

The Yoga Belly 7I had horrible Ab Ripper X flashbacks during this part of the routine.  Ouch!

  1. Boat
  2. Half Boat
  3. Scissor – That Mother ****** found a way to get Fifer Scissors into a yoga routine.  That is not right in any way.  I hate you, Tony.
  4. Torso Twist Hold
  5. Deep Torso Twist Hold
  6. Touch the Sky

The class ends with some stretches, child’s pose, shavasana and fetal pose. I skipped the Ohms.  I just wanted to re-hydrate and  fish my nuts out from under the couch.  After I brushed the dust bunnies off the boys I stood there for a few moments.  I realized that I felt extremely good about my workout.  I felt relaxed and more limber.

Wow, I might actually start liking this yoga thing.

The following is how yoga is supposed to be done vs how I looked doing yoga:

OK, I was relaxed until I watched the first period of the Red Wings game.  THAT has me all tense again.  Maybe I need to meditate on that.


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2 Responses to Yoga, I never thought It would be that hard

  1. Brett says:

    I gotta say, I thought the yogaX was one of the hardest in the set. I don’t think I ever sweated as much as the yoga disc! Good luck on your program!!!

    • ProEJockey says:

      Thank you Brett! It was brutal, but I really did like it. Speaking of liking it, I went to your blog. I LOVE the bucket of crabs analogy. I hope you dont mind if I reblog it, with credit to you of course.

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